Founded in 2010 in Budapest, KtkSoft Kft. is an independent IT consulting and service company that successfully supports its Hungarian Partners to become more competitive and economically efficient through its innovative IT solutions.

With their expertise and many years of experience, we can guarantee our Company's well-established high quality service standards in the field of IT contracting and recruitment both for our Partners and for the IT specialists applying for contracts and prospective employees.
Because the service provided by KtkSoft Kft. is reliable, together with our legal predecessors we have nearly twenty years of experience in supporting IT systems. We know from experience that the service of our systems becomes truly valuable when the support for use is of the possible highest quality and reliability.
It is because KTKsoft Kft. pays attention to the candidates, applicants and employees in the field of IT contracting and recruitment. We optimise demand and supply needs, to the mutual satisfaction of all parties involved.
Because the employees of KTKSoft Ltd. are experienced, competent professionals. We count on our employees for the long term, so their experience and knowledge are the most important value of our company. The opportunity for continuous learning and stability together ensure that we can excel in both development and partner support.
Because KtkSoft Ltd. adapts to the needs of its Partners. Our development activities are both flexible in terms of innovation and the development of business models. Our organisational structure is designed to find the best solutions for our partners' needs.
Because the employees of KTKsoft Kft. have been involved in cross-border development and consulting projects for many years in many countries of Europe as well as abroad. This allows us to keep up to date with the latest international IT standards and practices, and to share this knowledge with our partners at home and abroad.
Because KtkSoft Ltd. is also at the forefront of innovative solutions. In cooperation with our partners and independently, we strive to improve our services.